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  • Where are you located?
    For piano lessons, Larry's piano studio is located in Davisburg, MI adjacent to the Springfield Oaks Oakland County Park. If you are interested in booking Larry as a musician for your private event, Larry is able to travel across Michigan, and focuses on West and Southeast, Michigan.
  • How do I get in contact with Larry and take the next step?
    Head to the inquiry page, complete the form, and Larry will contact you with next steps!
  • What is Larry's training and background?
    Larry has been playing piano since the age of 5. He has played piano in a variety of contexts including as a solo performer, pop/rock/R&B band member, jazz ensemble member, musical theater accompanist, choir accompanist, as a musician in religious worship services including gospel, traditional hymnody, global music, pop, and more. As a young musician, he studied piano privately in Holland, MI (his hometown) and abroad while living in Chile. He was formally trained at Hope College studying both jazz and classical piano earning an Bacherlor of Arts in Music. Larry enjoys performing but his true passion is sharing with others the skills that are needed to play the piano. He loves to find new and interesting ways to present lesson material. He is thrilled to discover each student's unique personality and learning style and is committed to being the best companion possible in the mutual journey of learning and loving music.
  • What are Larry core values?
    Cultivating Each Student's Love for Music I desire for music to be a life-long and joy-filled process of discovery in which each student is continually happily surprised by their own music-making and the music-making of others. I believe that it is love for music that will sustain this lifetime journey. As a piano teacher, I am committed to helping students see and hear the beauty of music and to cultivate a love for what they hear. Building Each Student's Independence at the Piano I desire that each student learn the skills that will help them to self-direct their life-long practice at the piano. As a teacher, I am committed to building these skills within each student. Crafting a Teaching Approach That is Unique to Each Student I desire to know how each student learns best. Every student is uniquely gifted and is driven to learn for diverse reasons. As a teacher, I am committed to learning who the student is so that I can help them access tried and true methods.
  • What makes Larry different from other piano teachers?
    Larry is able to draw from a wide-range of experiences, skills, and resources to deliver a learning experience that engages the imagination, the body, and the heart. Larry is committed to meeting you wherever you are in your musical journey and helping you take the next step in your development.
  • What is Larry's methodology?
    The methodology will vary based on the students age and interest. All students will learn the fundamentals of pitch, rhythm, technique, and notation. These skills are learned in the context of a method book. Each student acquires these fundamental skills at a different pace, but once they have been learned there is more freedom to explore. Video companion pieces prepared by Larry are available to assist with practice during the week. Students specifically interested in learning jazz and pop will learn a variety of exercises and notational symbols that will form the base for further exploration in improvisation. Intermediate and advanced students interested in classical music with the requisite technical skills will study works that interest them. Larry and the student will work together to identify the pieces that will be learned.
  • What are the time requirements outside of piano lessons?
    Beginners will spend 15-20 minutes 4-5 days per week. Most other students will practice between 30-60 minutes 4-5 days per week.
  • What ages does Larry teach?
    Four years and up.
  • Where do you teach? Do you travel?
    Larry teaches virtually, or out of his home in Davisburg, MI. Larry does not travel to student's home to teach.
  • Tell me more about virtual piano lessons. Are they inferior to in-person lessons and do you need to commit to in-person or virtual?
    Virtual piano lessons take place via Zoom. All that is needed is for the student to have a computer with a webcam, an internet connection, and something to set the computer on either to the right or left of the piano. Larry will be sitting at his piano, and will be able to see him sitting at the piano and have a separate overhead view of his hands. Other than the loss of an in-person presence, virtual piano lessons for most students are not inferior to in-person. In many ways they are superior because we are able to take advantage of the fact that there are two pianos: Larry's piano and the piano in your home and other virtual capacities that are not necessarily avaialble when in-home.
  • What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?
    If desired during in-person piano lessons, Larry will wear a mask for the entirety of the time and attempt to maintain a reasonable distance from the student and others in the home. Piano students experiencing sickness of any kind are asked to cancel their piano lesson with no loss of the lesson fee.
  • Is there a recital?
    Yes, there is a yearly recital and all students are encouraged but not required to participate. Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, there will not be a recital. As soon as the pandemic subsides and group gatherings become safe, we will resume the practice of holding a yearly recital.
  • What is your billing and cancellation policy?
    Lessons are billed one month in advance. Non-emergency and non-sickness cancellations are generally not refundable. Payment is accepted via check, Venmo, and major credit cards. Cash is no longer accepted. The full policy will be emailed to you as part of the lesson onboarding process.


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