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Piano Lessons in Clarkston, Michigan 

Larry Figueroa Music offers a full range of piano lessons and instruction for students from beginners to virtuosos. Larry Figueroa is one of the most in-demand piano instructors in Clarkston, and throughout Michigan. His extensive experience in the creation, performance, and instruction on the piano provides a truly unique experience for students. Larry takes a highly personalized approach to each student, crafting his teaching strategies around the student’s goals and individual strengths. The result is a truly unique and effective experience that is highly engaging and joyful. 


We are proud to offer both live, in-person lessons as well as virtual, online lessons for our students. 

In-Person Piano Lessons

Are you searching for an in-person piano teacher in Clarkston, Mi? Larry Figueroa accepts a limited number of students each year for live lessons. You have options for half-hour or full hour sessions or, for a more customized experience, Larry works with students to design an instructional program that works best with their dreams and goals of mastering this classic and elegant instrument. 

Online Piano Lessons

Perhaps you would prefer an online piano instructor in Clarkston. Virtual piano lessons can be every bit as effective and engaging as in-person instruction, and, in many scenarios, it allows students to learn the skills they seek when they might otherwise not have that ability. Taking instruction from the comfort of your own location allows you to attend classes despite challenges and threats ranging from inclement weather to ongoing pandemic concerns. 

Piano Lessons in Clarkston, Michigan 

Whether you’re looking for adult or kids’ piano lessons in Clarkston, success depends largely on who you choose as a teacher. The right teacher does much more than simply provide instruction. The right piano teacher inspires their students, guiding them in both the technical and emotional aspects of playing the piano. A great teacher inspires students to strive for excellence in pursuit of their musical dreams – and that’s the type of piano teacher you will discover when you work with Larry Figueroa. 


With his extensive experience, Larry is uniquely positioned to help students make their dreams of learning the piano a reality. Depending on the student’s goals, Larry tailors instruction toward specific musical themes, such as classical music, jazz and popular music. He works with students of all ages, from kids to older adults – because it’s never too early or too late to learn to play the piano. 


Contact us now to learn more about our exceptional music instruction programs, including piano lessons for kids in Clarkston, Michigan. 

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